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Your privacy is very important to us. We greatly value the trust you have placed in us and we are committed to protecting and safeguarding any type of personal information that you provide us. This document describes how we use and process your personal information and how we use cookies. In this document you can also find our contact information to solve any questions you have about your personal information.

Apartments Rambla 68 offers online travel services through its own websites and mobile applications, as well as other online platforms, such as affiliate websites and social networks. The following information is applicable to all these platforms. Apartments Rambla 68 may modify the privacy and cookie policy from time to time, so it is advisable to visit this page regularly to stay up to date on updates. If you do not agree to this privacy and cookie policy, you should stop using our services.


What type of personal information does Apartments Rambla 68 use?

When making a reservation, we will ask for your name and email address. You may have to indicate your address, your phone number, payment information, the names of your companions on the trip and your preferences for the stay.

To manage your reservations more easily, you can create a user account. In this account you can save your personal settings, view your previous reservations and manage your next reservations.

Every time you visit our web pages, even if you do not make a reservation, we may collect certain information such as your IP address, the browser you use and information about your computer’s operating system, the version of the application, the language settings and the pages. that have been shown to you. If you are using a mobile device, we may also collect data that identifies your device, such as device-specific features and settings, and latitude / longitude coordinates. When you make a reservation, our system records the means you have used and from which web pages you have made it.

We may also receive information about you when you use certain social media services.

Why does Apartments Rambla 68 collect, use and share your personal data?

  • Reservations: Mainly, we use your personal data to complete and manage your online reservation, and to send your reservation data to the accommodation you have reserved.
  • Customer Service: We offer 24/7 international customer service from our local offices in more than 20 languages. We share your details with our global customer service staff to assist you whenever you need us, whether it is to find the right accommodation or to answer questions related to your reservation.
  • Guest Comments: We may use your contact information to send you emails inviting you to write comments after your stay. Your opinion can help other travelers choose the perfect accommodation for them.
  • Account administration: We offer the possibility of having a user account on our website. We use the information you provide us to administer the account. In this way, you can manage your reservations, enjoy special offers, book more easily and manage your personal settings, which allows you to create and share lists, photos, view previously consulted accommodations and view other information that you have provided about accommodations and destinations. It also allows you to see the comments you have submitted about the places you have stayed. If you want, you can also share information about your account by creating a public profile associated with your name or a username of your choice. With the public profile you can share your photo, the names of the places where you have stayed, your lists, your plans for future trips, your comments and other information about accommodation and destinations.
  • Marketing actions: We can also use your data to develop marketing actions, as allowed by law. For example:
    • When you make a reservation with us or create an account, we may use your contact details to send you news about similar travel-related products and services. With your consent (if consent is required by local law), we may send you regular e-mail newsletters. You can choose whether or not we send them to you, or unsubscribe from these advertising communications at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link that appears in all newsletters. You can also manage your subscriptions from your account (if you have created one).
    • In accordance with the information you have shared with us, we can show you personalized offers on the Rambla 68 Apartments website, in mobile applications or on third-party websites, including those of social networks. These can be reservation offers that you can make directly on the Rambla 68 Apartments website, offers from third parties or products that we think may be of interest to you.
    • If we think there is an offer that may interest you, we can contact you by phone.
  • Other types of communications: On other occasions, we may contact you by e-mail, by post, by telephone or by text message, depending on the contact information you have shared with us. We can do it for several reasons:
    • To respond and manage the requests you have made.
    • If you have not completed the online reservation process, we can send you a reminder email to continue with the reservation. We believe that this additional service can help you to continue with the reservation process without having to search for the accommodation again or fill in all the reservation details from scratch.
    • When you use our services, we may send you a questionnaire or invite you to comment on your experience with Apartments Rambla 68.
    • We can also send you other types of material related to your reservations, such as information on how to contact Apartaments Rambla 68 if you need help during your stay, and information that we believe may be useful for you to plan your trip or get the most out of it. to your stay. We can also send you information related to your upcoming reservations or a summary of previous reservations you have made at Apartments Rambla 68.
  • Market Research: We occasionally invite our clients to participate in market research. The personal data that you provide us to participate in market research will only be used with your consent.
  • Fraud detection and prevention: We may use personal information to detect and prevent fraudulent actions and other illegal or unwanted activities.
  • Improvements to our services: Finally, we use personal information for analytical purposes, improvements in our services, improvements in the customer experience and improvements in the functionality and quality of our online travel services.

How does Apartments Rambla 68 use social networks?

We use social networks to promote the accommodations of our collaborators and to advertise, improve and offer our own services. For example, we have integrated social network plugins on the website of Apartments Rambla 68. Therefore, when you click the button to sign in with your account of a social network, the information will be shared with the provider of that social network and it may appear in your profile of the social network so that you can share it with others. persons.

In addition to implementing these buttons, Apartments Rambla 68 has accounts and offers applications on various social networks. These services on social networks allow you to share information with Apartments Rambla 68. When you register in a social network application, you will receive information about the type of information that will be shared with Apartments Rambla 68. The information that you decide to share with us may include the basic information available in your social network profile, your e-mail address, status updates and your list of friends. This information is necessary to create a unique user experience, both on our web pages and in the application. That way, it is easier to customize our website according to your preferences, connect with your friends to discuss destinations, and analyze and improve our travel services.

We may also allow you to log in to the services of Apartments Rambla 68 with your social network accounts. The provider of the social network in question will be able to inform you about how it uses and processes your data in these cases.

How does Apartments Rambla 68 share your data with third parties?

In certain circumstances, we may share your personal data with third parties.

  • The accommodation you have booked: To complete your reservation, we need to share with the accommodation you have booked some important information, such as your name, your contact details, your payment details, the names of the people traveling with you and the preferences you have. indicated at the time of booking.
  • Third-party service providers: We may use service providers (such as data processors) to process your personal information, only on our behalf. This data processing is carried out in order to facilitate the payment of reservations, send advertising material or to facilitate analysis services. Data processors have to abide by confidentiality clauses, and cannot use your personal information for their own purposes or for any other purpose.
  • Competent Authorities: We may share your personal information with law enforcement agencies and other government authorities if required by law, or if it is strictly necessary to prevent, detect or prosecute fraud and criminal acts.
  • Our Business Partners: We work with business partners around the world to distribute or advertise accommodations and help our business partners distribute and advertise travel-related services. This may imply that their services are integrated into our website, that they are allowed to display a personalized advertisement on our website, or that we advertise on theirs. When you make a reservation on the website of one of these business partners, the partner in question may share with us certain personal information that you have provided. Similarly, we can share information with this business partner if you request it. When you make a reservation on the website of one of our business partners, read the privacy conditions on their website for more information.


What security methods does Apartments Rambla 68 use to safeguard your personal information?

In accordance with European data protection legislation, we use strict security methods to prevent unauthorized access and misuse of personal information.

In order to protect and safeguard the personal data that you have provided us, we have implemented appropriate business systems and procedures. In addition, we use security methods and physical and technical restrictions to access and use personal information on our servers. Only authorized personnel are allowed to access personal information to carry out their work.

Your credit card details, as long as they are necessary to make the reservation, are kept for a maximum of 10 days. After this period of time, your credit card details will be permanently deleted from our system or will be kept encrypted in order to detect possible fraud. If you have decided to save your credit card data in your personal account, your card information will remain encrypted in our system excluding the last four digits of the number.


The services offered by Apartments Rambla 68 are not aimed at people under 18 years of age. The use of our services is only possible with the legitimate consent of a parent or guardian. If we receive information from a person under the age of 18, we reserve the right to delete it.

Contact us

How can you control the personal information you have provided to Apartments Rambla 68?

You always have the right to review the personal information we have about you. If you want to request a general list of your personal data, send us an e-mail to . Indicate in the subject of the e-mail “Request for personal information” and include a copy of your identity document to help us prevent unauthorized people from accessing your personal data.

If the personal information we have about you is not correct, we will update it if you ask us to. If you do not want to use the services of Apartments Rambla 68 again, you can ask us to block your personal information so that it is not used again. You can also delete your user account at any time by logging in to the Rambla 68 Apartments website. Go to the “Settings” page and delete your account. You can unsubscribe from the newsletters of Apartments Rambla 68 at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link, which you will find at the end of each newsletter. Requests to update, block or delete personal information should be sent by email to . Please note that we may need to keep certain information in our files, for example, for legal or administrative purposes, to process claims, or to detect fraudulent activity.

Who is responsible for processing the personal information on the website and in the apps of Apartments Rambla 68?

Apartments Rambla 68 controls the processing of personal information on its website and in its apps. Apartments Rambla 68 is owned by: Hey Dude SL, NIF: B42981531, Calle Magalhaes 39, 08004, Barcelona. If you have any suggestions or comments about this privacy policy, you can send an e-mail to

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